winter scenes


february storms

as my wife and i drove to work yesterday in a snowstorm, i was reminded of february 7th in 2015–  my brother had driven in overnight on the 6th to be with me by my father’s bedside during his last days–  in retrospect it seems like we visited him on the  7th and 8th but i could be wrong, the whole period is a blur in many ways–  perhaps we were only driving on the 7th, 8th and the 9th–  regardless, it seemed like there was a continuous snow-storm–  an almost impossible white-out that drained any emotion and left the driver staring ahead into the void–  we had to travel only a distance of 15 miles but it was an endless journey that we traveled back and forth–  my father passed on the 8th–  my brother and i emptied his room on the 9th or the  10th and i believe my brother returned to his home on the 11th–  the snow had finally stopped and if memory serves me correctly i returned to work on the 12th–  it was partly cloudy and the sun was shining as i stepped into the yard–  kathleen was already by the car and i looked up to see an eagle swooping down to our driveway–  it paused perhaps thirty feet above me and then turned and flew away–  i called out to kathleen to look as it came down and thankfully she saw it also–  although we have eagles in the nearby rivers i have never seen one by our property–  a last goodbye from dad?  perhaps—perhaps it wasn’t a goodbye at all–  this week in particular, i will keep an eye out for him– especially on the 12th—